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Thanks for stopping by. Let me explain what this is all about.

Some people believe that we have invented nearly everything there was to be invented. I have a very short answer to that:

No we didn't.

There are still many brilliant things to be invented (such as brain chips, etc.), but what if our civilization were to come to a sudden end? What would you do?

Climate change, meteors, gamma rays or a classic nuke - have your pick. But one thing we can say for sure - we'll have an awful lot of cleaning up to do and, most certainly, there will be no Wikipedia to help us out.

This is why I've created the Rebuilding Civilization project. Let's suppose you were the last surviving human on the planet. What then? How about taking a trip in a time machine (as seen on Back to the Future) and waking up in a world with no modern amenities? You'll need some sort of a book to guide you through the process of restoring the civilization. Step by step - from penicillin and steam engine to the microprocessor and supersonic flight.

Welcome to the ultimate guide for rebuilding human civilization. You've just found your favourite resource for becoming a renaissance man/woman. One day we will publish this blog as a book - one that every fallout shelter and time machine will have on board.

Seriously now - there's much more to this project than meets the eye. I believe that in our modern over-worked, under-paid, ever-faster world we continuously fail to notice all the magnificent everyday objects that define the life as we know it.

Rebuilding Civilization is all about you and me. It's about iPods, laptops, trains, cars and flying machines. It was created to take you on a journey to the bottom of human invention and imagination. Come back every Wednesday for a fresh scoop of interesting stuff!

Feel free to contribute.

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